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  • Kacj321

    1.6a Update

    September 19, 2011 by Kacj321

    Here is the list of the upcoming 1.6 update for Project Zomboid. " It's a biggy but will be well worth it and will not be a 2 month hell hole like 0.1.5a"

    • Save on Quit
    • Multiple map-section support.
    • Completely blank maps possible in sandbox. (No tutorial house hang-ups)
    • Various mapping fixes.
    • Maps can be overridden by mods. Any maps in the mods scripts will override the officials ones first, then any maps in the mods stories directory.
    • A bite will only infect 96% of the time. Pretty much always, in practice, but just to give you that bit of doubt when you've been bitten (or ultimately if NPCs are bitten)
    • Fixed error where you wouldn't hit targets when they were dead centre in your facing direction. (Melee much improved)
    • Many NPC improvements.
    • Fixed …
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  • Kacj321

    Upcoming Items?

    August 16, 2011 by Kacj321

    These might not be included in the game – they've only been found in the game files.

    Hacksaw - Weapon, might cut trees for another new item, 'Logs'. AMPUTATION!

    Cigarettes - Might boost your mood, but make you sick.

    Bowl - Used to hold soup for multiple people. (ie. Transferring soup from pot to bowl to serve more people)

    Manure - Used for the farming the devs talked about

    Logs - Used for building stronger walls

    Scissors - Cutting things; Getting things opened

    Kettle -Used for making warm drinks

    Bottled Beverage - Another Food Item

    Tablet - Could be used to write things down with a pen or pencil

    Empty Can - Could be what a normal can turns into after you use it

    Money - Possibly Used to trade with NPCs; Currency

    Teddy Bear - Could have as much use as K…

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  • Kacj321
    • Added padlock to lock inventory open.
    • Can remove planks from barricades and reclaim them. They will retain health in between uses.
    • Various zombie spotting chances changed. A player not moving inside a building will never be seen by a zombie from outside, they just don't have the cognitive ability to pick them out through a window, and higher floors the chances diminish too since they tend to look ahead.
    • Sounds in buildings are muffled so don't travel as far outside.
    • Some horde balancing / fixes.
    • Some aiming tweaks.
    • Reduced footstep range slightly.
    • Zombie spotted music will not play if the zombies are miles away or many floors below you.
    • Made the horde prefer outdoor locations and generally ignore doors without any stimulus from inside. They will …

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  • Kacj321

    Here is a list of things that need to be done. Things done will have a though it.


    • Axe
    • Baseball bat
    • Molotov cocktail
    • Shotgun
    • Spiked baseball bat
    • Hammer


    • Bleeding
    • Dead
    • Exhausted
    • Encumbered
    • Hunger
    • Injured
    • In Pain
    • Sick
    • Tired- Need picture
    • Zombie (Mood)


    • Apple
    • Bread
    • Canned soup
    • Carrots
    • Chocolate
    • Cigarettes
    • Crisps
    • Painkillers
    • Pop
    • Pot of soup
    • Steak
    • Whiskey


    • Can opener
    • Cooking pot
    • Empty bottle
    • Lighter
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  • Kacj321

    The Indie Stone’s calamitous path has finally brought it to a place where Project Zomboid is available to play as a cut-down alpha. Those who have pre-ordered the game (and more recently, those who have bought their other games to get a PZ pre-order) will by now have received an email with the link and password. Those who haven’t can pick up one of the older games and get access immediately. Is it something you should be interested in? I’ve had a play of it, and tell you below.

    In the zombie apocalypse, I died of cooking soup. My wife was hurt, upstairs in bed. I’d bandaged her leg as well as I could, but we both knew what an injury meant. Having found wood, hammer and nails in the garden shed I’d put up defences on all the downstairs doors…

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