• Jhepong

    Project Reboot

    August 7, 2013 by Jhepong

    Oh crap, the wiki one of my most beloved zombie survival game has long been abandoned. Though the game is still in its alpha version, almost all bugs have been squashed.

    And so this Wiki must be Reborn...

    Sirs and Madams, first of, I'd like to show my love for this game. I know this Wiki has been so barren for years, but I guess it's just about time to rebuild it. For having been a while to other Wikis, I have learned a lot, specially about article contributions, editing, images, videos and etc. I will be adding and updating more articles in the near future and I hope that we contributors would still feel your love for the game and cooperate to all of us in many great ways possible.

    But right now, this Wiki is one of the worse.

    My first sugges…

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