• Evil Stu

    Playing on a server

    October 31, 2014 by Evil Stu

    Hello Zomboidians! So, my fellow survival game enthusiast and I decided to bring the experience of PZ on to the server. We set up a server through Hamachi - and hosted a game on West Point...

    First, off the bat, I should warn you - it is a lot of fun! Much better than playing by yourself. When you are dropped in the game, you don't start off together, so you have to find each other. Running through packs of zombies to find your friend is hilarious. My first character ended up getting bitten, so I ran him deep into the woods with a flashlight...enjoyed seeing him enjoy his last night on Earth scared to death, and let the virus take him.

    Okay - so, all is not lost. I rejoined the server as a new character...Mr Young! Ah Mr. you swi…

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