Skills are learned abilities. The level of the skill shows how adept your charcter is at completing certain tasks. As you gain levels, you can choose where to place your earned Skill Points.


Sprinting This effects how fast you can run. This can be leveled by Running (SHIFT key).
Nimble This effects how fast you move while Sneaking, jumping, and your visibility loss when aiming. This can be leveled by jumping over fences, through windows and sneaking.
Lightfooted This effects how quietly you run or walk. This can be leveled by walking or running near zombies while undetected.
Sneaking This effects your ability to avoid detection while sneaking. This can be leveled by sneaking (CTRL or Z key) near zombies.



Carpentry Improved the quality and increases the health of  player-constructed doors, walls, stairs, etc.. Barricading and removing barricades is faster. This can be leveled by anything that uses Wooden Planks.
Cooking Cooking increases your Crafted Food's efficiency. This can be leveled by cooking food in ovens and microwaves or by crafting food recipes.
Farming Increases how you are able to grow plants and lessens the chance of a crop becoming sick or sickly. Each level gives a new piece of information on each planted crop. i.e. At farming level 1, you can view the growing stage plus already given information on the crop, such as water level and whether it is sick or not. With further levels, you can view the time until next growth, and other benefits. Can be leveled by HARVESTING a crop, no experience gain from growing through stages, or planting.


Blunt This is your proficiency with Blunt weapons. Those include Hammer, Baseball Bat, Spiked Baseball Bat, Sledgehammer, and Frying Pan.
Blade This is your proficiency with Bladed weapons. Those include Butter Knife, Kitchen Knife and Axe.
Aiming Increases the likely-hood of killing a zombie with one shot, can be leveled by killing zombies with a gun.
Reloading increases the speed at which your character reloads a gun. Can be leveled by reloading

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